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How Yoga Can Transform Your Golf Performance with Carter Miles

Carter Miles is a modern day Yogi and a professional Yoga Therapist. Based in Austin, TX. he helps people and athletes to “Move Better, Breathe Better and Feel Better” and he joins #OntheMark to do the same with you.
Carter explains the mechanics of yoga – moving bodyweight against elastic resistance – and why it is beneficial to golfers for better flexibility and mobility in strength.

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Transform Your Body, Life and Golf with Dan Go

Transform Your Body, Life and Golf with Dan Go

Dan Go is a High Performance Coach to Businesspeople, Entrepreneurs and Athletes. Dan joins On the Mark to share his personal journey to health and fitness whilst motivating, and guiding, you to a better, fuller, healthier life. He also shares two easy protocols. One for Overall Well-being and Lifestyle Improvement (Rule of 3) and one for Better Sleep and Recovery (3,2,1 Rule).

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Getting Your Mind to the Green with Dr. Izzy Justice

Dr. Izzy Justice is a Sports Neuroscientist and the author of 8 books  on Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Justice has been in the Neuroscience field for over 30 years and was the first person to integrate EQ into sports and athletic performance. He joins #OntheMark to help you understand your emotional and mental state – in life, and by extension, in golf. 

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