Mark Immelman’s Favorite
Golf Items from 2021

Howzit! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from 2021, both on and off the golf course. 

Let me say upfront that I ACTUALLY use all of these items! It is my job to bring you information and more importantly help you make smart decisions as it pertains to your golf game.

The items on my list are things I feel would be beneficial to you. So, without further ado, in no particular order….7 of my favorite things:  

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deWiz Golf Swing Modifier

The deWiz biofeedback golf swing modifier was designed by Markus Westerberg, and looks much like an Apple Watch that you wear on your lead wrist while playing golf and provides all sorts on information.

 It’s not a swing analyzer, it’s a swing modifier. This amazing little device uses neuroscience to help you adjust your swing. 
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Lagshot Whippy Club

Lag Shot, the #1 Swing Trainer in Golf, is being praised by some of the leading PGA instructors (as well as countless amateur golfers) across the globe as a true game-changer.

My hero Bobby Jones believed that teaching good golf swing rhythm and tempo was next to impossible.  Well, with the Lagshot Club you can quickly learn what a well-timed, rhythmic swing feels like.

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Bridgestone Golf Balls

The golf ball is the only piece of your equipment that you use on every shot. And it is paramount to match the appropriate ball to your swing speed.

  • VFIT Ball Selector Guide: Answer a few questions and find the right golf ball for your game.
  • VFIT Video: Use your phone! It’s as easy as recording your swing in slow-mo and submitting to Bridgestone’s Ball Fitting Experts. Get your swing data back and the right golf ball for your game.
  • VFit Numbers: Know your launch conditions? Enter them to find out the right golf ball for your game.

The Cuater "Daily" Shoe

I wear this shoe all the time! I wear it casually. I wear it going out. I wear it on the golf course. I wear it playing some and I certainly wear it while teaching. 

Designed with your everyday style in mind, THE DAILY is your casual, go-with-everything shoe…but better. Constructed to keep comfort levels high with our SweetSpot Cushioning System and a lightweight knit upper, THE DAILY is available in multiple color options, all crafted with the same versatile look and breathable fabrication.

Municipal "Rec" Performance Hoodie

I wear the Municipal apparel often, but especially the performance hoodie. It is great for travel and I love wearing it while teaching golf.

Made with an insanely soft, brushed, stretchy fabric, the Municipal REC hoodie is fully loaded with premium details that make it perfect for any occasion or activity. The extra material around the neck protects you from the elements and it truly has an ideal fit for all.

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"Break Free from Suckville" by Bhrett McCabe

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“The Lost Art of the Short Game” by Gary Nicol & Karl Morris

“The Lost Art of the Short Game” by Gary Nicol & Karl Morris

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Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

This gadget measures all the ball flight data you want, the club data you want, and is amazingly portable.

The Flightscope Mevo+ is a  one of a kind launch monitor and simulator giving golfers the ultimate practice and play experience. 

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Vergelegen Wines

Vergelegen Wine, from my hometown in Somerset West, South Africa, is for after hours. 

A wine experience so unique, exquisite, and exclusive, it is a secret that has been crafted and refined for over 320 years, born from an ancient terroir, in lands far away.
South Africa’s Premium Wine. Vergelegen (meaning “situated far away”), was forged by some of the world’s greatest pioneers and visionaries. A breathtaking Estate, crafting unique, exquisite Wine, at the foot of Africa. 

On The Mark Apparel

I’m so excited about the  release of the On The Mark official merch— from hats to tumblers to sweatshirts, we’ve got it all!
Limited quantities so make sure to snag your favorites while you can.

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How to Develop a “Scratch Attitude” with Kent Osborne

Kent Osborne (Canada) is an Executive Coach, a Mental Skills Coach and a Performance Coach with decades of experience in sport (notably the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings) and the business-world.

Kent’s current passion is golf and he written various ebooks including: “The Golfer Who Developed a Scratch Attitude: Unlock the Game-Changing Power of Positive Emotions” with the goal of helping golfers to enjoy the game and play it with a “playful attitude” in order to play better.

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3D Breakdown of Great Ball-Strikers with Brian Manzella

3D Breakdown of Great Ball-Strikers with Brian Manzella

Brian Manzella is a perennial member of Golf Digest magazine’s 50 Best Teachers in America List. He is also a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America. His 40-year+ teaching career includes a long tutelage under the late Ben Doyle, and a lengthy relationship with PGA Champion, and multiple PGA TOUR winner David Toms.

Brian joins #OntheMark to illustrate the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Axes and how the golf-club performs in relation to them throughout the golfswing. His insights are a function of the 3D Golf-swing Research done by the Michael Jacobs team.

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7 Keys to Playing Great Golf with Dr. Bob Winters

7 Keys to Playing Great Golf with Dr. Bob Winters

Dr. Robert K. Winters is an internationally renowned Sports Psychologist, Author, and Professional Speaker. He holds Bachelor (B.S) and Master’s (M.A.) degrees from Ball State University and earned his Ph.D. doctorate in Sport Psychology from the University of Virginia. Dr. Winters has spent the past 35 years investigating how one’s thoughts and attitudes affect one’s ability to perform to their optimal talent level. He has helped all types of athletes get into the winner’s circle and he joins #OntheMark to help you play great golf.

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Proper Wrist Alignment with David Woods

Proper Wrist Alignment with David Woods

David Woods has been a PGA of America member since 1999. Prior to that he was a member in good standing of the Canadian PGA. David is the Director of Golf at The Vintage Club (Indian Wells CA) and is the former coach of 2003 Masters champion, Mike Weir.

David joins #OntheMark to demonstrate his (in partnership with Sean Foley) new training aid, the ProSendr, which teaches the proper, and functional, wrist alignments in the golf swing.

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Todd Kolb on Why Traditional Golf Instruction Could be Failing You THE BAD LIE

Why Traditional Golf Instruction Could be Failing You with Todd Kolb

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Todd recently authored a book titled: The Bad Lie – Why Traditional Golf Instruction is Failing You (And What to Do)

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