Powerless Effort to Effortless Power

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Powerless Effort to Effortless Power

About This Episode

Mike Adams is a Hall of Fame Golf Instructor who has worked with PGA TOUR and LPGA winners and Major Champions. Terry Rowles has also amassed a noteworthy resume of champions at every level of the game.

The two have collaborated to become a force in the world of golf instruction and they join “On the Mark” to share ideas and advice on how to gain an extra 10 MPH of clubhead speed without any additional effort.

They address: 

  • Taking the Governor off your swing to facilitate more offensive-minded swings
  •  Plugging power leaks
  • Consistent and square contact
  • Technology and the correct use thereof
  • Ground Reaction Forces and how to correctly exploit them
  • Maximizing your own “blueprint”
  • Clubhead speed misconceptions

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