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College Golf Time

I guess it goes without saying that The Masters is always an exhilarating week. 

It is truly a thrill to work the event, and to be a part of the CBS Announce crew that brings The Masters to the world is a dream come true. 

What was even more exciting was the fact that we got to work in the new ‘Masters Content Center”.  The state of the art, yet charming and genteel building, located over from Augusta National on Washington Road is indescribable.  Suffice it to say that when I walked in the doors and was welcomed by a, elegant foyer with the CBS Sports logo on the wall behind the welcome desk my mind was blown.

Anyhow, it was easy to settle into our new digs.

The week was long, and always a little intense, but the thrill of The Masters keeps the adrenalin pumping.  Fueled by coffee, Masters sandwiches and adrenalin we all made it to Sunday and closed the book on another Masters – in my opinion a great one.

It’s no rest for me though as I quickly pivoted from PGA TOUR broadcasting to college coaching. 

The week after The Masters is usually reserved for the Peach Belt Conference Golf Championships.  As has been the case for the last few years, the championship is hosted on The Slammer and Squire Golf Course at the World Golf Hall of Fame

After spending a couple of quick days at home with my girls, I made the five and a half hour drive to St. Augustine with our Columbus State Golf team.  To be honest I am still a little bleary-eyed after The Masters high, but I am still excited to watch our teams compete for a title.

They are talented and have worked hard throughout this spring season and my hope is that all culminates in success.

Speaking of success, I want to recognize and congratulate three of our golfers who earned All-Conference honors:  Ronan Kleu (Switzerland) was selected as the Men’s Peach Belt Conference Player of the Year and First Team All-Conference.  Jordan Doull (Australia) was voted as a Second Team All-Conference player, and Vicky Libaak (Argentina) was picked to the Ladies’ Second Team All-Conference.

Congrats to them.  Now let’s go and show off our skill and mettle and win a championship.

Go Cougars.


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Mark Immelman

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