How to Build a Better Backswing

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How to Build a Better Backswing

About This Episode

Tyler Slocum is a Class A PGA Professional and a Jim McLean Golf Master Schools Instructor. One of the bright young minds in the game he believes that “the ultimate judge of the golf swing is the golf ball, and the whole goal is to hit solid, desirable shots under pressure.”

To that end he joins us to help you build a better, more functional backswing. As he dives into the backswing he illustrates his “4 Points of Reference, where they are and the areas they occupy.

He also addresses the following elements:

  • Creating Swing Momentum,
  • Swing Triggers
  • Swing Sequencing
  • Body Tilts
  • Pressure Shifts
  • Shaft Planes and Pitch
  • Clubface Orientation
  • Allowable Head Movement
  • Action of the Lead Foot going back
  • Tips and drills to groove your move

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