At this wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the birth of The Savior, Jesus Christ, we exchange gifts as a token of goodwill, friendship and love and we do so in the spirit of the three Magi who travelled from afar to worship and give gifts to the newborn king. Typically we all have a Ch
Practicing and working on the various departments of your game is always recommendable and beneficial but practicing effectively and in a focused and directed manner can certainly make your practice sessions that much more helpful and successful. Here are a few ideas to consider in order to make
Whereas the slice is a weak, debilitating shot, the hook is a shot that can quickly go out of control. The hooking, ”top-spin” makes the ball hit the ground running and with regard to control, this can make life a little tough. To straighten the hook, you need to reduce the top- and right-to
Make no bones about it, the slice shot is one of the most debilitating in the game… It lacks power and penetration; it performs weakly in windy and adverse conditions, and worst of all it lacks accuracy as it peels off to the right of the target. First and foremost, do always bear in mind th
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